Executive Committee

Executive Committee


Executive Secretary
Agronomist and remote sensing specialist

E-mail: nabil.benkhatra@oss.org.tn

Nationality: Tunisian

Mr. Mourad BRIKI

1st Advisor and Coordinator of the Watch and Prospective Department

E-mail: mourad.briki@oss.org.tn

Nationality: Algerian

Mrs Ndeye Fatou MAR

2nd Advisor and Coordinator of the Land Department

E-mail: fatou.mar@oss.org.tn

Nationality: Senegalese


Coordinator of the Communication Department
Modern French Letters, Arts and Entertainment Postgraduate degree

E-mail: nadia.khammari@oss.org.tn

Nationality: Tunisian

Khaoula Jaoui
Mrs Khaoula JAOUI

Coordinator of the Climate Department
Climate Finance and Natural Resources Management Expert

E-mail: khaoula.jaoui@oss.org.tn

Nationality: Tunisian

Mr. Abdelkader DODO

Coordinator of the Water Department
Dr. Hydro-geologist, Water Resources Management

E-mail: abdelkader.dodo@oss.org.tn

Nationality: Nigerien

Mr. Nabil HAMADA

Coordinator of the Administrative and Financial Department
General Engineer, Forest, Ecology and NRM

E-mail: nabil.hamada@oss.org.tn

Nationality: Tunisian

Mr. Adel REKIK

Internal Auditor, Accountant

E-mail: adel.rekik@oss.org.tn

Nationality: Tunisian