Kick-start of the second Copernicea regional workshop « Afrik’ENCA accounts for the valuation of ecosystems on a continental scale », Ouagadougou, September 19-23, 2022

Mr. Paul Bombiri, Director of Economics, the Environment and Statistics at the Ministry of Environment, Energy, Water and Sanitation of Burkina Faso, took the end of the discussion panel on « Natural Capital Accounting for Ecosystem Restoration in Africa », to start the Copernicea regional workshop, with the presence of experts from the six countries of the project (Burkina Faso, Guinea-Conakry, Morocco, Niger, Senegal and Tunisia), and other countries of the region, namely, Chad.

The works of this workshop, bearing the campaign slogan « Afrik'ENCA accounts for the valuation of ecosystems on a continental scale », fall within the implementation of the 2030 agenda on biodiversity and sustainable development and the support for the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

This meeting provides a real opportunity for exchanging and sharing experiences on the ecosystems identification, quantification and valuation.
One of the issues to be reviewed is the validation of the continental biophysical accounts’ outcomes with all stakeholders. In fact, the participants will discuss and define the methodologies and data necessary for producing the accounts and initiating the data processing at the national level, with the aim of setting up an operational system of Ecosystem Natural Capital Accounting (ENCA).

A day dedicated to communication will give the possibility to exhibit communication, popularization and dissemination products and tools for a variety of audiences, including national decision-makers and the general public, and to make them understand the ENCA relevance as a tool for the development and valuation of natural capital.

During the workshop, the regional platform for disseminating ecosystem accounting, developed under the project will be introduced, and partners will learn how to use the available tools for spatio-temporal monitoring of the ecosystem services state.